About IABC

About IABC


The Indonesia Australia Business Council (IABC) is a business association representing private sector business interests in commercial relations between Indonesia and Australia.

Established in 1989, the IABC is a result of the merger between DKSPIA or Dewan Kerjasama Pengusaha Indonesia Australia (Association of Indonesian and Australian Businessmen) and the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (Austcham). The two major business groups had operated in Indonesia for 15 years before the merger.

The IABC is regarded as the key bilateral business council and works very closely with the Indonesian Government and the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. This allows the IABC to represent the business and commercial interests of Indonesian and Australian businesses engaged in investment and bilateral trade, through to Government levels.  The IABC also cooperates with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin Indonesia) and its counterpart in Australia, the Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC). The IABC is a member of International Business Chamber (IBC) in Indonesia, and the Australian Business Asia (ABA) – a regional network of all Australian Chambers of Commerce and Business Councils in Asia.

The IABC is governed by an Executive Board elected by the membership every two years. The Executive Board is supported by a National Secretariat, which is run by a full-time professional team headed by an Executive Director. Currently there are IABC Branches in Central Java (Semarang) and East Java (Surabaya), Bali and the Special Province of Yogyakarta.



The mission of the Indonesia Australia Business Council is to provide a convivial networking organisation for companies, organisations and business people of all nationalities involved or interested in business between Indonesia and Australia. The IABC focuses on:

- Enhancing Indonesia-Australia business links and fostering friendship between the communities of each nation.

- Communicating investment and business opportunities in both Indonesia and Australia.

- Providing a forum to accommodate all types of business.

- Serving as a lobby group to further the business interests of members.

- Serving as a consultative body to governments, industrial sectors and the chambers of commerce and industry.

- Building a nation-wide organisation by establishing branches in major cities throughout Indonesia.